Sunday, December 25, 2011


Up to now, I've showed you only up to daily picture #6, a childhood memory, which is sort of sorry since I'm supposed to be on day #25. (I'm also a bit behind on the pictures, teehee. I hope to catch up this week.)

7) Something new:

New harem pants! I'm in love, can't seem to take them off.
 8) Technology:

Of course
9) Faceless self-portrait:
10) Something I made:

The mess in my room, that's what I made
11) Something fun:
Longboard-riding with friends. It's the best. And don't let me saying this give you a picture of me being good at it. We're all scaredy-cats.
12) Close-up:

 13) From a distance:

14) Flowers:

15) My shoes:

I am over-the-moon happy about my new Converse. Adore.
 16) What I ate:
Salmon, salad, and potatoes. The yummiest. (This kind of perfectly healthy and delicious meal make me happier than anything.)
17) On the shelf:
My sort of pitiful but so tended-for bookshelf.
And that's it for today! I'll try to catch up with these sometime this week, so that after Dec. 30th I can show the final result!

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