Tuesday, December 20, 2011


In Love with Summer

Having a crush on this picture.
What I like/love about summer:

Waking up at 10, eating frozen yoghurt, exercising, crafting, finally going to the movies, seeing the friends I want to see, reading like crazy, seeing my brother and sister all day, eating lots of fruit, riding my bycicle, listening to new music, smelling the rare breeze, having beautiful blue skies, taking long dips of pleasure in the pool, having no worries, feeling tired and falling asleep with no guilt, being able to stay up as long as I want, organizing what badly needed organizing, drinking chocolate milk whilst dancing in the kitchen at 12 am, kissing Mom, playing with children, taking pictures, writing in my summer journal, writing and reading poetry, discovering, taking (yet not enough) pictures, spending half an hour in the kitchen as if that will make dinnertime arrive faster, admiring flowers, loving bees, not having a single mosquito bite, missing my friends who have temporarily joined the workforce, blogging, reading blogs, never going on Facebook, ignoring certain Whatsapps, studying history on my own, trying to watch movies yet getting bored and turning them off.

In summary, everything.

I must add to the list, the beautifully summer photographs I find on Tumblr:


1 comment:

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

that third to last image is beautiful! and i love the quote, "today i am happy because i don't have any reason not to be."
xo TJ

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