Monday, December 5, 2011


For the third day of the photo-challenge I had to photograph "clouds" and it couldn't have been a worse day to do so. Not only was the sky unbearably boring yesterday (I am a huge fan of said concentrations of vapors) but it was also an ugly shade of hazy blue. The kind which is sad to call blue because it is not blue, it's a yellowish ugly color. I tried to make it prettier with some editing but 'twas hard.

The picture:

My heart is aching for Brazil right now:

Rio de Janeiro specifically.

via Tumblr
A friend's upload to Facebook

Via Tumblr
Due partly to my love for Rio de Janeiro I made an 8Tracks mix of my favorite songs in Portugese. Please also consider that music in Portugese is currently my favorite language to hear music in. And that the last time that I went to Brazil I was 9 years old so it's not my fault if I used the most mainstream of the mainstream.

Hope you like it, see you tommorow!

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