Tuesday, December 27, 2011

39 - AC Challenge

Supplies: Cardstock (American Crafts), Patterned Paper (American Crafts, Die Cuts with a View), Letter Stickers (American Crafts), Detail (American Crafts), Ribbon (American Crafts), Border Sticker (Doodlebug Designs)
The challenge was to use Social Media to make a page. I used Instagram because I think that it is amazing how it captures snippets of daily life. As a matter of fact, on one single page, I immortalized so many important things about my life lately, that I could never have scrapbooked these pictures had I not taken this kind of an approach to the page.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Click on THIS. NOW. DO.

It's a listing of the 100 most beautiful words in the English language.

Some I would like to highlight:

Assemblage A gathering.

Bungalow A small, cozy cottage.
Comely Attractive.
Dalliance A brief love affair.
Embrocation Rubbing on a lotion.
Forbearance Withholding response to provocation.
Gossamer The finest piece of thread, a spider’s silk.
Halcyon Happy, sunny, care-free.
Imbroglio An altercation or complicated situation.
Languor Listlessness, inactivity.
Moiety One of two equal parts.
Nemesis An unconquerable archenemy.
Offing The sea between the horizon and the offshore.
Pastiche An art work combining materials from various sources.
Riparian By the bank of a stream.
Scintilla A spark or very small thing.

Woebegone Sorrowful, downcast.

These are not necessarilly new words, or very hard words ("love" is in the listing) but they are the most perfect of words.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Up to now, I've showed you only up to daily picture #6, a childhood memory, which is sort of sorry since I'm supposed to be on day #25. (I'm also a bit behind on the pictures, teehee. I hope to catch up this week.)

7) Something new:

New harem pants! I'm in love, can't seem to take them off.
 8) Technology:

Of course
9) Faceless self-portrait:
10) Something I made:

The mess in my room, that's what I made
11) Something fun:
Longboard-riding with friends. It's the best. And don't let me saying this give you a picture of me being good at it. We're all scaredy-cats.
12) Close-up:

 13) From a distance:

14) Flowers:

15) My shoes:

I am over-the-moon happy about my new Converse. Adore.
 16) What I ate:
Salmon, salad, and potatoes. The yummiest. (This kind of perfectly healthy and delicious meal make me happier than anything.)
17) On the shelf:
My sort of pitiful but so tended-for bookshelf.
And that's it for today! I'll try to catch up with these sometime this week, so that after Dec. 30th I can show the final result!

Friday, December 23, 2011


I finally gave in to one of my utmost scrapbooking cravings, and that is a butterfly punch. And I'm fully enjoying it. Here's the latest layout I've made with it:

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

35 - Midnight in Paris

Aaaa, Paris. The funny thing about Paris for me, is that I actually have visited there, but under all the wrong circumstances. I didn't want to be there, it was to touristish (and I hate that), and it wasn't during a moment of my life where I had any specific interest for cities such as this.

But now, ah.

If I went back to Paris, though, I would accept going with no one except alone. Or with my brother and sister. If I went back to Paris, I would go on the basis of discovering it the most natural way possible. I would go to the museums, but would spend as many hours as I wish looking at one painting. (How many hours I could spend investigating Renoir and Monet! Oh, how I adore their work.) I would stroll the streets at night until I got lost, I would drink wine at the feet of the Seine, I would lunch bagettes wherever I pleased. In my opinion, it's a city to love independantly.

And that is why I enjoyed Woody Allen's new movie, Midnight in Paris, so much. Because of its gorgeous cinematography, its beautiful plotline, etcetera. Honestly, it wasn't a brilliant movie. Cheesy at times, with few emotional effect over its viewers, the beauty of the movie lies on its shots of Paris during all times of day, on the beautiful ambientation. And, it's a movie made for me because it had something I love with a passion; nostalgia and literature. I can say no more than this without giving so much of it away.

Anyways, if you're looking for a light and entertaining movie for the weekend (not to say that you will  be watching movies during Christmas weekend) I highly recommend this one.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


In Love with Summer

Having a crush on this picture.
What I like/love about summer:

Waking up at 10, eating frozen yoghurt, exercising, crafting, finally going to the movies, seeing the friends I want to see, reading like crazy, seeing my brother and sister all day, eating lots of fruit, riding my bycicle, listening to new music, smelling the rare breeze, having beautiful blue skies, taking long dips of pleasure in the pool, having no worries, feeling tired and falling asleep with no guilt, being able to stay up as long as I want, organizing what badly needed organizing, drinking chocolate milk whilst dancing in the kitchen at 12 am, kissing Mom, playing with children, taking pictures, writing in my summer journal, writing and reading poetry, discovering, taking (yet not enough) pictures, spending half an hour in the kitchen as if that will make dinnertime arrive faster, admiring flowers, loving bees, not having a single mosquito bite, missing my friends who have temporarily joined the workforce, blogging, reading blogs, never going on Facebook, ignoring certain Whatsapps, studying history on my own, trying to watch movies yet getting bored and turning them off.

In summary, everything.

I must add to the list, the beautifully summer photographs I find on Tumblr:


Monday, December 19, 2011

33 - Let's Play Tag!

Because no post is ever complete without a picture, this is one of me climbing rocks. By, a cousin of mine. :)

The adorable and ever-so-talented Tasha tagged me in a fun blogging game! Look on: 

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about them selves on their blog.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

11 things about me.
  1. I have another blog! This is a more literature-oriented blog whilst the other one is a collection of many things! Check it out HERE. (I will post this there too.)
  2. One of the most beautiful things that I dwelve in is guitar-playing. Unfortunately, I am not very good at it, but that might be because I practice sort of rarely.
  3. I write in many journals, however, I tend to gravitate towards poetry more than prose.
  4. I enjoy taking pictures, but don't know what to do with them once I've taken them (I'm not a fan of editing) so photography is not a huge passion of mine.
  5. I love to read, however, sometimes I read books that are too heavy, and that makes me a slow reader.
  6. I love listening to music in languages I can't understand.
  7. I've had about 8 different blogs, and after a year or so I delete them. (I can't quite explain why.)
  8. I'm positively in love with everything that summer has to offer. Grass, bycicles, blue skies, blue swimming pools.
  9. I've been an on and off scrapbooker since 6th grade, and I'm now in 10th.
  10. My favorite subject is, in fact, not Language Arts but Social Studies. Language Arts can be a bit too frivolous at times whilst Social Studies is humanity in essence.
  11. Everything affects me. A pretty song, a sunny day, a beautiful sentence in a book, a smile, a child asking for money, an image. They all have powerful effects over my mood.

Tasha's questions: 

  1. have you tried macarons? and if you have, what is your favourite flavour?            Yes, I have tried macarons! I went to Paris about a year and a half ago, however, kill me now, I had no idea how classical of Parisian life they are!
  2. what movie(s) do you watch for a pick-me-up?         I have mentioned that I am a very reluctant movie-watcher. They tend to bore me. However, I am an avid fan of Gilmore Girls. You could say that's my "pick-me-up" movie.
  3. are you more of a cat or dog person?     Definetely dog person, however, a pretty cat can have me cooing away for a solid 15 minutes.
  4. what is one of the most played songs on your iTunes/iPod/phone etc.?      I don't want to answer this question because my most played songs are junk that I left playing on repeat. Stuff by Julian Casablancas, A-Ha, etc.
  5. have you had your heart broken before?             Nope. Well, I guess I have, but I don't think they count.
  6. what is your favourite colour?                              I tend to gravitate towards blue. Yet pretty, cheery colours always make me feel better: orange, light green, yellow, etcetera.
  7. what motivates you more, love or fear?                    Love. I have never been motivated by fear, however love can take me great distances.
  8. what is the most significant thing that you've accomplished this year?  I changed schools and made it alive.
  9. do you believe that there are both light and dark in each person?  Yes
  10. what is your favourite wild animal?            Many! The eagle, the giraffe, the elephant, the tiger, the wild pig.
  11. what do you like best about yourself?   I'm a very cultural and loving person.
My questions for you (if you were tagged):

  1. If you were a color, what color would you be?
  2. What's your "creative outlet"? It can be anything!
  3. What's your favorite book?
  4. What's your favorite season?
  5. What's your favorite tree?
  6. Are you a tree or flower person?
  7. If you were to speak one language that you can't currently speak, which one would it be?
  8. If you were to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  9. When on road trips, do you prefer to be driving or to be sitting back enjoying the landscape?
  10. On planes, are you a window or hallway kind of person?
  11. What would you say clouds and stars are made of?

Friday, December 16, 2011


I forgot to mention I have a new cousin! Her name is Isabella and althogu she lives oh so far away my whole family has fallen to in love to her irresistible feet. She's the cutest.


One of my favorite videos on Youtube. I love it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

31 - Beach Weekend

Photographs of our family's beach outting last weekend.

My beauty of a sister :)

More pictures tommorow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

30 - AC Challenge

This week, American Crafts, one of my favorite scrapbooking products brand, challenged their readers to make a scrapbook inspired on an image found online. (Click HERE to know what the challenge is about.)

For the challenge, I used the following image found on Tumblr, with its original source coming from HERE.

I thought the grafic design of the image was beautiful, so in response, I created the following layout:

Products: Cardstock (American Crafts), letter stickers (American Crafts), chipboard letter stickers (American Crafts), patterned paper (American Crafts background, Cosmo Cricket letters), ribbon (American Crafts, Making Memories)
This page is a collection of some of my "Youth Rules" (the pun in the title is intended.) First of all, let me say that for me youth doesn't depend upon the number of candles on your cake, but in the spirit of how you live. And although I only halfway believe in these, I thought they would be fun to make. These are the rules that I wrote to follow and "suck the marrow" out of my youth:

  1. Whenever you can, choose the outdoors instead of the indoors.
  2. Participate in team sports, whether as a spectator or a player.
  3. Take lots of pictures. Print many of them.
  4. Read a lot, but don't live in your books.
  5. Write down your dreams.
  7. Always do your homework, it will save you from a lot of stress.
  8. Listen to music, especially of the happy kind.
  9. Spend more time by the shore.
  10. Play more guitar.
  11. Family always comes first.
  12. Ride your bike.
  13. Jog outside.
  14. Ride the public bus.
  15. Play with your brother & sister.
  16. Give heartfelt presents.
  17. Celebrate other people.
  18. Hug your father & mother.
  19. Pray.
  20. Ski.
  21. Wear what you want to wear.
  22. Take risks.
  23. Surprising is the way, not predictable.
  24. Save money, but spend it.
  25. Get away from Facebook.
  26. The telephone is better than Skype.
  27. Dance.
  28. Decorate.
  29. Have your four meals. Diets don't work.
  30. Don't be afraid to show your body, nor to hide it.
  31. Hug.
  32. Who cares about what they're saying about you.
  33. Lay on the grass to look at the clouds and stars.
  34. Love.
  35. Ice creams with loved ones <3
  36. Don't be afraid to talk to people.
  37. Drink milk.
  38. Stay away from sodas & caffeine.
  39. Be alone.
  40. Be in company.
  41. Write.
  42. Read potery.
  43. Talk to G'd.
  44. Play with children.
  45. When at the beach, always get into the sea.
  46. When with family, wear sunscreen. When with friends, don't.
  47. Talk to your grandparents as often as you can.
  48. Wear makeup, but not every day.
  49. Collect things.
  50. Watch movies and TV, but not often.
  51. Be informed.
  52. Take a stand, do what's right.
  53. Don't follow the leader, be the leader.
  54. Make a fool of yourself.
  55. Trash your room, then organize it while listening to music.
  56. Write hand-written letters.
  57. Go to bed late, wake up early. You will fall asleep while reading.
  58. Buy pretty underwear.
  59. Don't always be behind the camera.
  60. Drink lots of water, maybe tea.
  61. Don't stress.
  62. Forget about what you look like. It doesn't really matter.
  63. Have your own organization method, even if it's chaos.
  64. Have ideologies.
  65. Add or subtract to this list, but remember that in the process of living out your youth, you will not pay attention to these. Just live.

What are your life rules? Or youth rules, if you also believe that one can set their mind to never grow old too?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Scrapbooking for a Sibling

Tricky business, but beautiful business. I had so much fun putting together this album that I made for my brother about a month ago, and, of course, forgot to share:

Hope you liked them! I always enjoy when fellow scrapbookers share their pages. 

Have a nice day,
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